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Global Adaptation Month 2021 is currently recruiting planning committee members. EcoAdapt's Global Adaptation Month is an initiative to encourage action, awareness, and accountability for climate adaptation. Global Adaptation Month or GAMeOn! was created to raise awareness of the urgent need for climate adaptation. During the month of April, GAMeOn! recruits adaptation commitments, and shares climate adaptation actions to track progress worldwide and hosts virtual training events. Planning committee members help to guide GAMeOn! and to elevate the needs and adaptation actions around the world. 

Feel free to share this opportunity with any colleagues who you think may be interested. For more details including responsibilities and to apply use this form: https://forms.gle/qpPskkc1cPsrwBAv6 or you can reach out directly at Info@GlobalAdaptationMonth.org. Applications close September 21, 2020.