Green New Deal Advisor, City of Seattle

Opportunity Type: Job

The Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) develops and implements citywide environmental policies and programs that propel our city toward a sustainable, equitable, and carbon neutral future. The Green New Deal (GND) focuses on developing equitable solutions to substantially reduce climate pollution, create jobs, develop solutions that support healthy and resilient communities, advance racial equity, and invest in communities disproportionately impacted by racial, economic, and environmental inequities. The Green New Deal for Seattle started as a community led initiative that builds off the Equity and Environment Initiative to ensure that all people and communities benefit from Seattle’s environmental progress; communities most affected by environmental injustice are engaged in setting environmental priorities, designing strategies, and tracking progress.  After receiving funding in the City’s 2021 budget, OSE is recruiting for an Advisor to lead this work in partnership with the Green New Deal Oversight Board.

In this job, you would:

  • Provide effective, high-level leadership to advance this work
  • Serve as a strategic advisor and thought leader
  • Develop, staff, and represent the 19-member Green New Deal Board to the Mayor’s Office and City Council
  • Work with community and expert stakeholders to research, develop, and implement programs, policies, and accountability indicators
  • Conduct policy and budget analyses on federal, state, and local policies to evaluate their impact on GND-related programs and Seattle community groups and communities