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Help build and design an adaptation service registry!

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EcoAdapt and our partners at ASAP are seeking climate change adaptation professionals to help us create a process for connecting climate adaptation service providers with service seekers. This process will use existing networks to gather information about service providers that is useful to service seekers and use existing online platforms and software to make that information accessible and user friendly will. Our objective is for this process to increase the quality and volume of the climate adaptation work happening in communities across the U.S. Serving on the project Working Group is an opportunity to give back to the field of climate change adaptation and use your knowledge and experience to help ensure that climate adaptation service providers are undertaking adaptation that is effective, equitable, and ethical.

Working Group members should expect to spend up to ten hours/month between November 2018-June 2019 providing insight and advice developing and piloting the Registry tool and process. Working Group members will receive compensation of an $850 stipend. Working Group activities will include:

  • Using ASAP’s Living Guide on the Principles of Climate Adaptation to create a Registry application and participating in a pilot application review process.
  • Reviewing user survey questions intended to inform registry design and functionality and testing out the design and functionality themselves.
  • Advising on a business model to build out and sustain the Registry and helping promote the Registry in their networks.

We are specifically seeking to build a group which includes representation across these categories:

  • Role: service providers and service seekers
  • Systems focus: human systems, natural systems, or both
  • Size and capacity of organizations, companies, and agencies
  • Organizational financial model: for-profit, not-for-profit, and government

We also strive to recruit a working group which includes people with a variety of different racial, ethnic, and gender identities and diverse professional and personal experiences.

If you are interested in being considered for the working group, please fill out this form by October 22.

For more information email Rachel Jacobson at and Jessica Hitt at