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Looking for input on climate vulnerability assessments for a PhD chapter [short survey]

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Hi, I’m Rachel Skubel, part of a research team here at the University of Miami. For a chapter of my Ph.D., I’m studying the research priorities and needs of people involved with or conducting, climate vulnerability assessments for marine areas, species, or fisheries.

If you have been involved in assessing climate vulnerability or risk (formally or informally) or are considering doing so, we invite you to participate in a brief (10-minute), anonymous survey concerning your views on climate change, risks to marine areas, species, or fisheries, the vulnerability assessment process, and related topics. We would appreciate you passing this notice on to other colleagues who fit this description as well.

There is no compensation for completing the study, however, we plan to use the results to assist future assessments by humanizing the climate assessment process in a human context. We are happy to keep you informed of our findings and resulting initiatives, if they should prove useful for your projects. The deadline for participation is February 11th, 2020 at 5 pm.
If you are able to participate, the survey can be found here:

Best wishes,
Rachel Skubel