Mini Climate Summit Training - Hive Initiative

Post Date: 5/25/2023
Opportunity Type: Other
Organization/Grantor: Hive Initiative
Position/Title/Fund: Mini Climate Summit
Location: Online or in-person

Cost: Pay-what-you-can

In our changing world, fostering a culture of climate action in the office is an important part of accountability. But finding the path to doing so can seem expensive and time-consuming. The Hive Initiative believes that the fastest, easiest and most economical way to get climate action on the table is to leverage more minds and encourage employee involvement.

The Mini Climate Summit is a 60-90 minute workshop that gives an opportunity for employees to work together on planet-centric solutions at their company. From addressing easy changes around the office to ways their own roles can be adapted to be more climate friendly, the workshop gives concrete information and tips–and most importantly, the permission to take action.

The workshop is held either through remote video call or in person. It will be facilitated by members of the Hive Initiative core team.

  • Remote video sessions: NORD/LB is one of the largest commercial banks in Germany. 55 people gathered for the first Mini Climate Summit in the German office, then 29 participants gathered for a second one with the London and Singapore offices. NORD/LB used this as a jumping off point to start their own climate initiative in their company called the Change Initiative. They invited the Hive Initiative back to facilitate another workshop on resource scarcity, which was based on the same template.
  • In-person session: HUB Ocean is a foundation headquartered in Oslo Norway. 24 people gathered for an in-person Mini Climate Summit. The ideas from the workshop were used to form the tasks for their in-house climate team called the Blue Team. The team meets monthly and has a climate topic they work on together, from making their product more climate friendly to changing their operations and office practices.
How to Apply:

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