Native American Graduate Fellowship in Land and Water Management - Call for Applications

Opportunity Type: Funding

The Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy is pleased to issue the first call for applications for a Native American Graduate Fellowship in Land and Water Management. These awards of $10,000 per year are to support Native American students’ pursuit of skills and expertise through graduate education that they can apply to advance water resilience in tribal communities. We invite applications from tribal members who are pursuing graduate training in a variety of disciplines and programs relevant to land and water resource management in the Colorado River Basin region. 

In this first pilot year we are only promoting the availability of fellowships at a few universities.  We expect to award from two to four fellowships for the upcoming academic year.  It is our intent to reach out to other funders to expand this program in future years. We will also be developing an internship program focused on Native American water resources efforts for full time summer employment and part time internships during the academic year.

 The due date for applications is July 1, 2021. Decisions will be made by August 1.

Please find attached FAQ form and email for application materials.