New Job Alert--> Strategic Assistant

Post Date: 8/30/2022
Opportunity Type: Job
Organization/Grantor: The Sunrise Project
Position/Title/Fund: Strategic Assistant
Deadline: 10/02/2022
Location: Oakland, CA, USA

About The Role

The Sunrise Project is hiring for a full-time Strategic Assistant position. This role will be assisting Senior Strategist Casey Harrell and is housed within the Investor Program. Casey has worked at The Sunrise Project since 2017 and has been integral to launching Global campaigns such as BlackRock’s Big Problem and Vanguard S.O.S. Since 2019, Casey has been living with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or Lou Gehrigs’ disease. This Strategic Assistant position combines the role of an Executive Assistant with light personal assistant duties with the role of “co-conspirator” with various strategic projects and campaigns.

Key Responsibilities
- Provide necessary accommodations to enhance Casey’s participation in meetings, which can include transcribing Casey’s thoughts, verbally repeating for clarity, or understanding Casey’s point of view and acting as a proxy for him if he is not able to attend.
- Support Casey in planning and execution on the bigger picture of his work and the health measures needed to enhance his capacity to succeed.
- Triage and prioritise requests from different campaign partners, stakeholders, and team members.
- Manage and organize work calendar and correspondence, including scheduling and drafting emails, memos, reports, etc.
- Fulfill other campaign needs independent of Casey based upon skill level, interest and available opportunities.
*Due to working full-time while living with a neuromuscular disease, a few job responsibilities will fall outside of typical assistant duties. Applicants do not need to have a medical background to perform these responsibilities.

How Sunrise supports its staff:

- Role-specific: Relocation expense reimbursement of up to 3-5k (depending on distance)
- 401(k) & employer match
- 100% employer paid health, vision and dental coverage
- Five weeks of vacation leave
- Birthday leave (if it’s your birthday, you get a day off)
- Cultural & solidarity leave
And more!

Job requirements
- You must have full working rights for the US. The Sunrise Project is unable to sponsor applicants for employment visas.
- Able to be physically present during normal business hours, with occasional early or late days to accommodate international meetings or campaign crunch times;
- Ability to occasionally travel for critical meetings.
- Employment background checks may be/are required.
- COVID-19 vaccinations may apply in accordance with local legislation and/or Sunrise policy
- Comfortable working inside a family household where children are present in the home.

Contact Info: