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NextGen 2019 Grant - Call for Proposals

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The Ray C. Anderson Foundation is a grantmaking Foundation committed to advancing the legacy of its namesake by supporting environmental sustainability initiatives. Ray’s five grandchildren, along with their spouses, comprise the NextGen Committee of the Foundation, which makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees for worthwhile grants and initiatives. In 2018, the NextGen Committee decided to focus its philanthropic efforts on programs to help address global warming.  In September 2018, they awarded a $90,000 grant to Second Nature. Building upon the success of that process, and with the desire to increase the breadth of quality proposals, the Committee is issuing a new call for proposals for one $100,000 grant that can help reverse global warming.

Request for Proposals

The NextGen Committee is currently seeking proposals for new or existing programs that will help to reduce global warming, whether through direct carbon avoidance, climate communication, climate education, industry engagement, or otherwise. The Foundation intends to award one $100,000 grant to the organization with the best proposal, to fund work during the 2020 calendar year.

RFP Opens: April 10, 2019

RFP Closes: July 12, 2019

Please read the Proposal Guidelines before submitting your proposal.  Grants only available to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States.

No phone calls. All inquiries should be directed to:

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