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NOAA Ocean Acidification Program Education Mini-Grant Program

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Closing Date for Applications: Apr 03, 2020

The Ocean Acidification Program education mini-grant initiative, is a competitively based program that supports coastal and ocean acidification education programs that are responsive to the goals of the NOAA OA Education Implementation Plan. Priority goals include prioritizing and engaging target audiences for ocean acidification education and outreach, matching ocean acidification communication needs with existing research, education and outreach activities, while developing innovative approaches for community involvement.

Topics suitable under this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) should fill needs identified in the NOAA  Ocean Acidification Needs Assessment including: (1) Education and outreach products that incorporate data interpretation and/or visualization;  (2) Multimedia educational tools (such as video, infographics and apps); (3) Discrete hands-on lab modules that incorporate inquiry-based  learning and align with Next Generation Science and/or Common Core Standards to be used in a formal education setting; and/or (4) Protocol or tools for ocean and/or coastal acidification citizen science programs.


Eligible applicants are United States institutions of higher education; other nonprofits; commercial organizations; state, local and Indian tribal governments; and Federal agencies. Applications from non-Federal and Federal applicants will be competed against each other. Proposals selected for funding from non-Federal applicants will be funded through a cooperative agreement as described above in section II. C. of this notice. Proposals selected for funding from NOAA scientists shall be effected by an intra-agency fund transfer. Proposals selected for funding from a non-NOAA Federal agency will be funded through an inter-agency transfer. PLEASE NOTE: Before non-NOAA Federal applicants may be funded, they must demonstrate, with a statement from appropriate agency counsel, that they have legal authority to receive funds from another Federal agency in excess of their appropriation. Because this announcement is not proposing to procure goods or services from applicants, the Economy Act (31 USC 1535) is not an appropriate legal basis.