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Openings for Technical Specialists on Climate Change Adaptation

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Deadline Oct 19

UNDP-Global Environmental Finance Unit is based in UNDP’s Bureau of Policy and Programme Support and is responsible for providing leadership and technical support to, among other areas, delivery of the Environment and Sustainable Development pillar of UNDP’s Strategic Plan. Its main focus is on helping countries develop the capacity to fully incorporate environmental sustainability and resilience into development at national and local, but also global and regional levels. The principal areas of work are in environmental mainstreaming, environmental finance, adaptation to climate change, and local governance of resources, including energy.

The UNDP-GEF Unit helps developing countries make green, low-emission and climate-resilient development and the sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems not only possible, but also economically attractive. To achieve this, it works closely with UNDP country offices to help countries develop and implement programmes and projects which advance their capacity to put in place the right mix of regulatory and financial incentives, remove institutional and policy barriers, and create enabling environments that attract and drive private sector investment into green development.

The strategic objective of the Green Low Emission and Climate Resilient Development Strategies (GLECRDS) Team is to develop the capacity of national and sub-national governments to conduct long-term integrated planning exercises to transition to green, low-emission and climate-resilient (LECR) development.

To achieve this, the team focuses its efforts into the following signature programmes:

  • Supporting Integrated Climate Change Strategies: Supports national and sub-national governments (with focus on Ministries of Finance and planning bodies) to develop and strengthen policies, institutions, capacities and knowledge for integrated green, low-emission and climate resilient development (Green LECRD), and to make use of the full range of public and private financing mechanisms to support Green LECRD investment;
  • Advancing Cross-sectoral Climate Resilient Livelihoods: Supports climate resilient economic development and sustainable livelihoods, especially for vulnerable populations – the poor, women, and indigenous peoples. UNDP-GEF provides assistance to country-led efforts on climate change risk management in the context of food security, water resources, coastal zone development, public health, and climate change-related disaster risks;
  • Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems for Climate Resilient Development: Supports the development of climate information and Early Warning Systems (EWS) across a range of countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean in order to help them respond to both short-term/rapid onset climatic hazards (e.g. cyclones, floods and storms), as well as long-term/slow onset hazards (e.g. drought and long-term climate change).

The consultants will work with the UNDP-GEF team located in UNDP’s Regional Hubs - Bangkok, Thailand; Istanbul, Turkey; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Panama City, Panama - to support country offices in the respective regions in accessing resources from a wide range of global environment and climate funds, and to develop their capacities to transition to green, low-emission, climate resilient development. Under the overall supervision of the Head of Climate Change Adaptation, the consultants will assist national and sub-national governments to develop and implement programmes and projects that combine and sequence resources from GEF vertical funds such as the Special Climate Change Fund, and the Least Developed Countries Fund, the Adaptation Fund, the Green Climate Fund as well as several other multilateral, bilateral, national, sub-national and private sector sources.