Operations Officer – Climate Investment Funds

Opportunity Type: Job

Established in 2008, the $8.3 billion Climate Investment Funds (CIF) is providing 72 developing and middle-income countries with urgently needed resources to manage the challenges of climate change and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. CIF concessional financing offers flexibility to test new business models and approaches, build track records in unproven markets, and boost investor confidence to unlock additional finance from other sources, particularly the private sector and the multilateral development banks that implement CIF funding.

More than ten years on, the CIF has delivered on its founding ambitions and has been a key player in channeling unparalleled levels of climate finance to developing countries. Globally, CIF investments are supporting 25.3 GW in new clean power capacity; improved energy access for 8.8 million people; greater climate resilience for 45 million people and 44,000 businesses; and 30 million hectares of more sustainable forests.

The CIF is looking for a consultant to support a range of these analytical, strategic, and business development initiatives.

Duties and Accountabilities

  1. Prepare strategic briefs for high-level stakeholders that highlight the transformational work of CIF in multiple countries across numerous sectors and geographies.
  2. Review relevant documentation (CIF and MDB project documents, 3rd party reports) and synthesize data (economic data, investment figures), along with policy and macroeconomic information
  3. Support the development of new CIF programs, including technical analysis, document drafting, and reviews
  4. Provide technical work on briefs, research, analysis, and reports (strategic papers, business plan, etc) across programs
  5. Support efforts to increase private sector investment, including institutional investors, into the CIF at the fund level
  6. Support CIF’s innovation work, including both analytical and program management support in the development of venture windows and innovative blended finance under the new programs
  7. Help organize events, workshops, and other convenings
  8. Conduct consultations with MDBs, countries, private sector and other stakeholders to support a range of deliverables
  9. Support other analytical, operational, and strategic initiatives as required