Post-Graduate Course on Eco-DRR: Disasters, Environment & Risk Reduction

Opportunity Type: Other

What: PEDRR collaborated with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences’ Centers for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD) and its global network of universities to develop a Master’s Elective Course on Disasters, Environment and Risk Reduction.

Topic: Disasters, Environment & Risk Reduction

Cost: Free

Description: The Course is proposed as an elective course to existing Masters degrees such as in geography, natural resources management, water resources management and IWRM, coastal zone management, agricultural sciences, urban planning, environmental sciences, climate change studies and international development studies. 

Compiled by researchers and practitioners from more than 15 countries and institutions worldwide, the module contains 50 hours of teaching material, divided into approximately 30 sessions (corresponding to 3-5 credits). It is now available in Spanish and French!

Course topics:

  •  Understanding disaster risk reduction and resilience
  •  Disaster trends analysis
  •  Ecosystem management tools for disaster risk reduction
  •  Climate change and ecosystem-based adaptation
  •  Mainstreaming into development
  •  Ecological engineering