Principal Firebreather/Project Technician - Takachar

Opportunity Type: Job

Takachar’svision is to dramatically increase the amount of biomass (crop and forest residues) economically converted into useful products. Our impacts include income and job creation in rural areas, as well as mitigation of CO2 emissions and air pollution associated with conventional open-air biomass residue burning. In places like California, improved vegetation management of non-merchantable residues may also mitigate the risks of catastrophic wildfires. 

Prior experience (at least 2 years) with hardware operations and logistics, especially biomass-related equipment, is helpful. This is a very hands-on job; please be prepared to get dirty. You also should not be afraid of working near fires and high heat. Comfortableworking with basic metal fabrication equipmentand techniques, including: Cutting, rolling, bending, and (optionally) welding. Be able to advise and brainstorm with the team on the best and/or fastest fabricationsolution to achieve a certain goal. 

As we are an early-stage start-up, please expect that goals and targets will change at moment’s notice, sometimes daily, depending on the unpredictable testing outcome and what is required at a given stage. For some people accustomed to working towards long-term targets, this may prove to be a frustrating experience. But flexibilityand willingness to constantly learn and adaptis required whenworking in a small start-up company.

Please send your resume and cover letter to info at takachar dot com. In your cover letter, please explain your long-term career goals and how this position may help youtowards these goals