Program Associate, International and Non-CO2 Initiatives


ClimateWorks Foundation is a groundbreaking nonprofit organization working in partnership with a global network of philanthropic donors and investors who are committed to building a low carbon-society. Climate change is an urgent global challenge that requires the immediate, widespread, and continued adoption of effective climate, energy, and land use policies. ClimateWorks develops strategies, awards grants, and mobilizes philanthropy globally to address climate change by advancing public policy, inspiring the private sector, and strengthening public support for a low-carbon future. Founded in 2008, ClimateWorks and its partners support policies in the geographic regions and economic sectors that have the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

To marshal the talent and capacity required to support sophisticated donors and tackle one of the world’s toughest challenges, ClimateWorks collaborates closely with a global network of partners, including regional grant-making institutions operating in China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Latin America, and the United States. Together, they help direct philanthropic resources to a portfolio of strategies that result in real-world outcomes and offer gigatonne-scale reductions of the pollutants that drive climate change. ClimateWorks supports public policies that prevent dangerous climate change and promote global prosperity. 


Transitioning to a low-carbon society becomes more urgent with each passing day. To meet this challenge, ClimateWorks is dedicated to serving the field and attracting additional philanthropic resources. ClimateWorks believes that more resources, coupled with better coordination, will hasten society’s transition to a low-carbon future. ClimateWorks and its partners embrace this challenge in pursuit of a shared vision: a safe climate system, affordable clean energy, thriving economies, clean air and water, and healthy forests and ecosystems.

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About the International Climate Policy and Non-CO2 Initiatives

This position will advance two distinct portfolios of work. The first is in International Climate Policy. ClimateWorks supports organizations advancing climate action in international forums, and develops strategies to inform and engage philanthropy. Efforts are focused on strategy and alignment, lifting the voice of leaders and champions, aiding movement building, and developing impactful new approaches.


The second is to develop, refine, and implement strategies to significantly reduce Non-CO2 Emissions. This work is comprised of four main initiatives: shipping, oil and gas methane, fluorinated gases, and air quality. The goal of the portfolio is to align and galvanize ClimateWorks and other funding partners behind credible, compelling and effective non-CO2 investment strategies.




Program Associate, International and Non-CO2 Initiatives 

The Program Associate will support the Director of International Climate Initiatives and Non-CO2 Mitigation in the preparation of strategies, completion of internal and external deliverables, processing of grants, managing relationships with grantees and partners, and organization of meetings and events. (S)he may interact with multiple internal and external stakeholders, and therefore must be professional and poised, and have good judgment in dealing with a broad spectrum of activities and situations.


The ideal candidate will have strong communication and organizational skills with a focus on the timely delivery of outputs. Being a strategic thinker with international experience and a background in policy and climate is also essential. The Program Associate will report directly to the Director of International Climate Initiatives and Non-CO2 Mitigation.