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Program Manager – Infrastructure Resiliency

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New York City


The Mayor’s Office of Resiliency (MOR) strives to adapt New York City to the unprecedented challenge ofclimate change, creating a more resilient, equitable and vibrant city for the New Yorkers of today and generations to come.
Through science-based analysis, policy and program development, and capacity building, MOR leads the City’sefforts to transform the city’s communities, buildings, infrastructure, and waterfront to build resilience in theface of multiple climate threats, including sea level rise, storm surge, extreme heat, and intense precipitation, in the near- and long-term.

We achieve our mission by focusing on four central pillars as described by OneNYC 2050: (1) mitigating physical risks, (2) empowering residents and businesses, (3) building a climate-ready government, and (4) advancing and applying climate science.
MOR is composed of climate policy experts, urban planners, architects, scientists, engineers, and lawyers. Under the direction of the Director, MOR is organized by seven teams that are led by Deputy Directors: (1) Climate Science, (2) Social Resiliency, (3) Land Use and Buildings, (4) Infrastructure and Energy, (5) Waterfront Resiliency, (6) Program Coordination and Delivery, and (7) External Affairs.


The Program Manager, Infrastructure Resiliency provides support to MOR in all efforts to implement the infrastructure recommendations of OneNYC 2050 and to accomplish the City’s resiliency goals. The incumbentwill drive stakeholder action to make the City’s multifaceted transportation network more resilient throughmulti-agency convenings, analysis of gaps and opportunities, and policy coordination. This position alsosupports MOR’s goal to adapt infrastructure systems across the region, and assists in implementing a cohesiveprogram of resiliency initiatives across several key areas, including energy, telecommunications, water and wastewater, and transportation; and will drive adoption of climate-informed design standards for existing and planned infrastructure. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with City and regional stakeholders to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve the resiliency of the transportation network, which ensures the City’s sustainable transportation agenda iscoordinated with resiliency goals.

  • Day to day management of the infrastructure working groups in the NYC Climate Change Adaptation Task Force efforts to facilitate adaptation strategy development across multiple stakeholders.

  • Manage the implementation of MOR’s Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines for infrastructure acrosscity agencies. Advance strategies to increase impact of the Guidelines, including policy development.

  • Assist with the efforts of MOR to monitor progress, track metrics and evaluate effectiveness of all resiliency actions and particularly the cost effectiveness and impacts of the Guidelines; and ensure the execution of key milestones and initiatives that further resiliency policy goals.

  • Conduct programmatic oversight of resiliency pilot projects implemented across City agencies; evaluate effectiveness of pilot’s design interventions for City-owned assets.

  • Provide technical support to MOR staff to ensure that the City’s physical investments in resiliency alsosupport equitable resiliency, safer neighborhoods, and stronger communities.