Project Manager - OneShoreline

Post Date: 1/14/2022
Opportunity Type: Job

Organization: OneShoreline

Position: Project Manager/Associate Project Manager

Type: Full-time, Permanent

Location: San Mateo, CA, and a flexible work arrangement is possible

Deadline: February 8, 2022; Open until filled

Description: OneShoreline is seeking qualified applicants to help shape the direction of our agency during this formative period. Depending on the qualifications of the successful candidate, this full-time position will be initially classified as Project Manager or as Associate Project Manager. They will work under the direction of the agency’s Chief Executive Officer and in close collaboration with existing finance and project management staff.

San Mateo County has more people and property at risk from the first few feet of sea level rise than any other county in California. This fact led to the creation in January 2020 of the San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District (OneShoreline), the first independent countywide government agency in the state to work across jurisdictional boundaries to build solutions to the climate change impacts of sea level rise, flooding, and coastal erosion. By working at a regional scale, OneShoreline facilitates the sharing of expertise, provides aligned and equitable benefits across communities, and provides a unified voice to secure state, federal, and private funds for this effort. Resilience to this transformative challenge requires a holistic approach to:

  • Geography – OneShoreline is the vehicle through which San Mateo County and its cities can align efforts across jurisdictions, within the context of an entire watershed or regional shoreline;

  • Threats – OneShoreline focuses on climate change’s multiple water-related impacts (sea level rise, extreme storms, coastal erosion, and drought);

  • Objectives – OneShoreline reduces these threats and looks for opportunities to incorporate green infrastructure, environmental and recreational enhancements, and public and private land into its efforts.

Duties & Skills:

  • Manage the scope, budget, schedule, and contract(s) of one or more projects in various stages (planning, design, CEQA and permitting, construction, and maintenance)
  • Manage complex procurements, including the development of a request for proposals or bid solicitation package, evaluate proposals, and conduct contract negotiations
  • Lead meetings and coordinate effectively with interdisciplinary project teams consisting of funders, partners, consultants, and contractors
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and discipline in resolving project-related disputes and in communications with elected officials, regulatory agencies, stakeholders, and the general public
  • Write grant proposals for project and operational funding, and manage those funds
  • Prepare, synthesize, and present technical documentation in a concise manner
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of civil, geotechnical, and water resources engineering
  • Knowledge of spreadsheet, word processing, and project management programs
  • Drive to and from job sites throughout the County, and walk project sites to observe and approve work
  • Perform other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Salary & Benefits: $75,000-$145,000, plus a robust benefits package including social security and employer contributions to retirement accounts up to 15% of gross salary; health, dental, and vision insurance; a flexible spending account; paid leave; and other benefits.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of work experience in a field related to the duties of the position to provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to successfully fill this role. This work is at the interface of several disciplines (climate science, biology, engineering, policy) and requires communication with different audiences (consultants, contractors, elected representatives, regulatory agencies, general public), and thus the ideal candidate will have excellent verbal and written communication skills to work across these disciplines and audiences. In addition, this position requires leadership, attention to detail, flexibility, and an independent worker who is comfortable taking initiative and seeking out resources to support their work.

Hiring Process: Candidates for this position must submit an email to with the subject line “Project Manager Position” and the following attachments:

  • Cover letter describing in detail your interest in joining OneShoreline and serving in this position
  • Resume
  • Names and contact information of three professional references (who will only be contacted after an interview)
  • Written responses of approximately 250 words to each of the following:
    • Detail how one professional or academic experience has prepared you to work with OneShoreline and in this position
    • What do you envision the future holds for OneShoreline’s work over the next 20 years; what major challenges will we face and what suggestions do you have to navigate these challenges?

OneShoreline will review all documents received and notify applicants by February 15, 2022 as to whether they were selected to be interviewed. An offer of employment for the position will be at the sole discretion of OneShoreline’s CEO. Questions regarding this position can be directed to