Request for Collaboration: Piloting a New International Standard for Local Climate Adaptation Projects

Opportunity Type: Other

What: Request for Collaboration: Piloting a New International Standard for Local Climate Adaptation Projects

Who: Resilient Cities Catalyst & Gold Standard

Deadline: Expressions of Interest are due January 18, 2021 by midnight EST. After review of the Expressions of Interest received, RCC will shortlist project candidates for the pilot. On Friday, January 21, the shortlisted candidates will be invited to submit a fuller, but nonetheless brief Pilot Project Proposal. The deadline for Proposal submission will be January 31, 2022 by midnight EST.

Description: Resilient Cities Catalyst has entered into a partnership with Gold Standard, the international standards organization, to develop a new international standard for design, implementation, and results verification of local climate adaptation projects. This Request for Collaboration is an invitation to obtain project design advisory support for a local adaptation project of choice while also contributing to the development of an international standard that will guide municipalities and project developers worldwide.

Gold Standard was established in 2003 by WWF and other international environmental NGOs to ensure that climate mitigation and sustainability projects have the highest levels of environmental integrity, transparency and stakeholder participation, and effective management through all stages of execution. Gold Standard is a partner in the establishment and operation of the new Sub National Climate Fund, a new international financing vehicle that provides direct support to local level climate adaptation and mitigation projects.

Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC) was established in 2019 as a successor organization to the 100 Resilient Cities initiative of The Rockefeller Foundation. RCC provides wide-ranging expert and program development support to states, municipalities, and local project owners worldwide to prepare and implement their resilience strategies and projects.

This Request for Pilot Collaboration is an open call to U.S. and Canadian local governments and U.S.- and Canadian-based project developers to apply the draft RCC-Gold Standard adaptation project standard framework in the context of their development of a specific local adaptation project.

As collaborator in the Pilot, the local project owner and collaboration partner would gather and provide project-related data, and organize staff, project team, and stakeholder meetings to:

  • Discuss and apply the draft standard’s criteria and indicators with RCC guidance and support
  • Report and share implications arising from application and consideration of the indicators in the design phase
  • Complete a detailed questionnaire, interview, and feedback form about the draft standard and the local experience with its utilization

Expressions of Interest: To be considered for participation in the adaptation standard pilot, please submit the following information in a concise Word or PDF file by January 18, 2021, midnight EST.

  1. Project Description (maximum 2,000 words for this section)
    • Project Name
    • Project Municipality and Geographic Location
    • Project Owner(s)/Developer(s)
    • Project Description & History
    • Status of Project Development, including status of design, approvals, financing etc.
    • Project Stakeholders and nature of their Involvement to-date
    • Other Parties involved in developing the project
  2. Pilot Applicant and Proposed Local Pilot Counterpart(s)
    • Applicant Name(s), Organization(s) and Title(s), Contact Information
    • Applicant(s) Relationship to or Role in the Project
  3. Purpose for Seeking Participation in this Pilot (maximum 500 words)
    • Please describe the reason you are seeking participation in this Pilot of the Gold Standard/RCC project adaptation standard, and how you think the project can benefit from participation. Please mention any logistical considerations or other constraints on ability to implement the pilot activities or on project ‘fit’ for pilot purposes.

Contact: Send Expression of Interest files or queries to: Shail Joshi, Associate Resilient Cities Catalyst,