Request for Host Sites for the Indigenous Climate Internship Program

Posted by: CAKE Team
Post Date: 11/07/2023
Opportunity Type: Other
Organization/Grantor: Indigenous Climate Internship Program
Position/Title/Fund: Request for Host Sites for Interns
Type/Term: 8-week Internship
Deadline: December 1, 2023

We are honored to partner with organizations, who will serve as host sites, doing on-the-ground work to protect our human and non-human relatives across our Mother Earth.

Each host site is responsible for developing a specific work plan for climate-related projects and may work with the intern on additional tasks. Work plans may include community outreach and engagement, conducting community interviews, engaging in research, working on the implementation of climate resilience actions, creating transformative art projects and more.

We have begun the process of recruiting host sites for summer 2024 internships. Please complete this application to be considered for a host site for the ITEP Indigenous Climate Change  Summer Internship Program.  Organizations may submit multiple applications, please submit a separate application for each project.

Internships must be beyond general secretarial/clerical support but feasible, relative to intern's qualifications and time requirements, as well as contribute to an on-going program of sponsoring organization. Host sites must have an identifiable supervisor/mentor that is on location and committed to the interns' professional development.

The internship can be in-person, hybrid or virtual, with a supervisor/mentor that is available on a daily basis. The mentor will also need to provide the intern with orientation and guidance to the new area and culture. Interns will generally work 40 hours a week for the duration of the 8-week internship. 

Sufficient space, facilities and resources to support the project (designated work space, computer, phone, Internet access).

How to Apply:

If you are interested in hosting an intern for 8-10 weeks during the summer of 2024, please apply HERE.

The application deadline is December 1, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact