Request for Proposals For Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan - City of San Leandro, CA

Post Date: 3/06/2023
Opportunity Type: Other
Organization/Grantor: City of San Leandro, CA
Position/Title/Fund: Request for Proposals For Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan
Deadline: March 14, 2023
Contact Info:

The City of San Leandro desires to solicit qualified proposals to prepare a plan in accordance with this Request for Proposals (RFP). The City of San Leandro seeks proposals from qualified firms, consultants, or consultant teams to perform professional consulting and planning services related to developing a comprehensive Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan.

The City seeks to develop a comprehensive strategy to address sea level rise along the San Leandro Shoreline. An equity lens must be centered throughout all phases of the development of the Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan, including incorporation of racial equity and indigenous practices, soliciting community engagement and input, and assessing social vulnerability to sea level rise. Public outreach workshops will be handled by the City with option of consultant to attend workshops or outreach events as needed. All analyses and development of strategies should be handled by the Consultant.

The City is looking to move forward quickly upon contract execution with the selected Consultant to meet the targeted project milestones. The selected Consultant is expected to provide the deliverables and to facilitate or participate in all tasks that lists the Consultant as the responsible party. The costs of each task should be identified separately for the project team to decide what can be achieved within the budget. If it makes sense to combine tasks, they can be combined if the objectives are still met. Proposers may include additional, optional tasks that they feel should be included in the 4 RFP 60455 Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan project to achieve the optimal outcome; however, these costs and hours must be listed separately in the budget and may not be approved.

Please note that the Consultant’s proposed project budget must be submitted separately from the proposed scope of services, in a sealed envelope or thumb drive and clearly marked with Consultant’s name and ‘BUDGET’. All proposals shall first be scored separately from the budget, with final scores reflecting budgets on a sliding scale. As this is an RFP, the City reserves the right to negotiate with Consultant any aspects of their proposal.

  • Incorporation of Racial Equity and Indigenous Practices: Due to the disproportionate impacts that climate change creates for property values, wealth, and public health, it is essential that the Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan establish racial equity guardrails so that policies and practices moving forward do not continue to exacerbate existing socioeconomic gaps that already exist between various communities. Proposals should describe how the consultant team plans to incorporate racial equity into the recommended strategies and prioritize benefits to those communities that may have been impacted by past discrimination, including increasing access to decision-making in the planning process. The diversity of linguistic and cultural backgrounds of residents should be incorporated into the plan. In addition to racial equity principles, the Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan presents an opportunity to incorporate indigenous practices to increase resilience. Such practices could include working with indigenous partners such as the Sogorea Te Land Trust / Confederated Villages of Lisjan (Ohlone) to determine pilot/demonstration project design. Proposals should describe how the consultant team will work with indigenous partners on the project.
  • Integration with City Plans: The Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan should complement and build upon existing City plans such as the Green Infrastructure Plan and 2021 Climate Action Plan, particularly in holistically addressing green space and climate impacts across San Leandro.
How to Apply:

Proposal Submittal Due Date: 5:00 PM, Tues March 14, 2023

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