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Senior Policy Advisor, Buildings Focus

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New York, NY



MOR seeks a Senior Policy Advisor to develop and manage policies and programs that increase the resilience of New York City’s existing buildings, new construction, and communities. This role is fundamental to MOR’s missionto design and implement innovative solutions that prepare the city for climate change. As such, the role requires a commitment to addressing climate threats to public and private buildings and their occupants; cultivating champions in reforming policies that regulate building construction and operations to advance a climate resilience agenda; and advancing climate-resilient building technologies, construction methods, adaptation measures, and financing strategies relevant for the New York City context.


The Mayor’s Office of Resiliency (MOR) strives to adapt New York City to the unprecedented challenges of climate change, creating a more resilient, equitable and vibrant city for the New Yorkers of today and generations to come. Through science-based analysis, policy and program development, and capacity building, MOR leads the City’s efforts to transform the city’s communities, buildings, infrastructure, and waterfront to build resilience in the face of multiple climate threats, including sea level rise, storm surge, extreme heat, and intense precipitation, in the near- and long-term.

We achieve our mission by focusing on four central pillars as described by OneNYC 2050: (1) mitigating physical risks, (2) empowering residents and businesses, (3) building a climate-ready government, and (4) advancing and applying climate science. MOR is composed of climate policy experts, urban planners, architects, scientists, engineers, and lawyers. Under the direction of the Director, MOR is organized by seven teams that are led by Deputy Directors: (1) Climate Science, (2) Social Resiliency, (3) Land Use & Buildings, (4) Infrastructure and Energy, (5) Waterfront Resiliency, (6) Program Coordination and Delivery, and (7) External Affairs.


New York City is home to 8.6 million residents and over a million buildings of varied typologies. With an average age of 90 years, the vast majority of buildings were not designed to withstand the climate threats of the 21st Century. MOR is responsible for coordinating City agencies and private-sector partners to identify strategies to retrofit existing buildings, update codes and create new incentives to ensure the longevity, safety and functionality of the city’s building stock. Complementing MOR’s resilience programs are the City’s sustainability agenda advanced by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability (MOS). MOR and MOS collaborate routinely to prioritizeactions that advance the City’s dual resilience and sustainability approaches to manage climate change.