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Senior Scientist - Coastal Development

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OAI is seeking a candidate who will provide senior scientific support to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) related to coastal management issues. Communities and the nation are constantly grappling with the best ways to address storm preparedness, erosion, development, habitat loss, sea level rise, public access, and threats to water quality, to name a few. As a scientific organization, NOAA provides access to the science and environmental intelligence communities need for these tasks. This Senior Scientist will plan, conduct, direct and evaluate projects or tasks related to the Office of Coast Management mission. The Senior Scientist will be required to coordinate efforts of engineers and technical support staff and will be responsible for formulation of opinions, decisions and ultimate performance of scientific tasks. Ocean Associates Inc. conducts research, offers policy advice, and provides personnel support services to government and industry clients for marine fisheries, protected species, and habitats. 

Expected Start Date: Late Fall 2018

Location: Charleston, SC