Senior Sustainability Specialist - County of San Mateo

Opportunity Type: Job

Are you passionate about sustainability and environmental issues, leading a team of enthusiastic professionals, and especially being part of the changing ways in which local governments can develop and implement programs to address these issues and serve the San Mateo County community? Do you have a knack for identifying and working with the right people in organizations to effect change?

The County of San Mateo's Office of Sustainability is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Senior Sustainability Specialist. We want "sustainability champions" to lead initiatives and support department staff in empowering our departments, employees, and our community members to take meaningful actions on sustainability.

The San Mateo County Office of Sustainability (OOS) has four working groups: Waste Reduction, Energy and Water, Livable Communities, and Climate Change. Each working group will have a Senior Sustainability Specialist to support all the staff, programs, and projects of each of these work groups. To learn more about each of the OOS workgroups, please see: