Tackling Climate Change Program Project Manager - TNC

Opportunity Type: Job

Arlington, VA

The Program Project Manager will establish and manage networks to coordinate and align communications and work across the newly established global Tackle Climate Change Business Unit (BU), as well as TNC’s overall climate strategy work. They will be responsible for integrating all aspects of project delivery including for global Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) and climate strategy work. They will support the Department’s leadership through managing a variety of initiatives, processes, systems, agendas, and tasks across the operations and people portfolio of the department, including leading Hub system management, objectives setting and progress monitoring across the team, Shared Conservation Agenda strategy and BU budget and management reviews. They will develop a variety of project(s) goals and success factors, and will implement project plans, budgets, metrics and schedules with input and buy-in from key stakeholders and team members. They will critically assess project scope and objectives, ensuring all risks and dependencies are addressed in the project plan in order to deliver successful project results that support the fulfillment of the objectives.

The Program Project Manager will obtain go/no-go decisions at all project decision points from the Project Lead or Sponsor, and identify and obtain approval for project deliverables from the appropriate staff or teams. Throughout the project lifecycle, the Program Project Manager will monitor and measure project progress, conduct corrective action as necessary, produce summaries and communicate project status information to all stakeholders. They will perform risk management, issue resolution, and conflict management, and collaboratively solve complex problems. They will utilize project management methodologies and processes, and ensure all organizational and divisional standards are met. They will act as a resource to other staff and project managers to provide project management guidance, training, and expertise. They will take on special projects or initiatives as needed to support the BU and support coordination of climate strategies across the organization.