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Tribal Resilience Grants and Ocean and Coastal Management and Planning Grants

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Closing date: June 10th

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) announces funding for awards to support tribal resilience and ocean and coastal management and planning. Awards will be made to projects that address vulnerability to extreme events and harmful environmental trends through development of regionally focused or topically focused training, adaptation planning and data development, and travel to access training and attend technical workshops to build skills and capacity. Applications should describe how proposed projects will incorporate science (including Traditional Knowledge) and technical information to address vulnerability to extreme events and harmful environmental trends. Awards will also support projects that ensure tribal participation in ocean and coastal (including the Great Lakes) cooperative planning and projects for resource health, resiliency, community safety, and economic security for present and future generations.

Grant Opportunity Announcement for Federally Recognized Tribes

Grant Opportunity Announcement for Tribal Organizations 

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