Urban Forestry Associate - Southeast Los Angeles

Opportunity Type: Job

Southeast Los Angeles, CA

TreePeople is an environmental nonprofit whose mission is to engage, inspire and support people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable, and to share the process as a model for the world. TreePeople is among the largest independent environmental organizations in California.  Sustained by a staff of educators, foresters and administrators as well as thousands of trained “Community Foresters”, TreePeople has played, and will continue to play, a leading role in mobilizing Angelenos, private businesses and government agencies to work together to create resilient urban communities capable of withstanding the mounting challenges of climate change.


TreePeople’s passionate commitment to the environment and its unique implementation model, known as “Community Forestry”, engage, inspire and support Angelenos at both the grassroots and policy levels to take environmental action in their communities.  Over the next ten years, TreePeople and its “Community Foresters” will spearhead the transformation of Los Angeles’ urban ecosystem by:


•   Mobilizing Angelenos into a community committed to adapting the City’s resources and infrastructure in response to severe climate change;


•    Expanding forestry and education programs that inspire thousands of volunteers to improve the health and safety of Angelenos by planting and maintaining trees in wilderness areas, neighborhoods and school campuses;


•    Transforming Los Angeles’ urban landscape into a living watershed to capture, clean, store and conserve rain and storm water in response to droughts and diminishing resources;


•   Fostering collaborative partnerships that bring private businesses, non-profit resources and government agencies together to research, develop and implement system-wide solutions to environmental problems.


In the coming years, TreePeople will inspire Angelenos to reimagine and reclaim Los Angeles’ future.  TreePeople will empower Angelenos to come together to combat and adapt to climate change through individual action, technology, and collaborative partnerships in order to create a more holistic, integrated and sustainable Los Angeles. 








1. Support the Regional Manager in organizing community planting and tree care events with local volunteers.

2. Planting 15 gallon street trees and driving a truck/water tank to water those trees on a weekly or biweekly basis, as determined by city staff and the Regional Manager.

3. Support community workshops and volunteer-led events, attend site visits, and help manage and maintain TreePeople’s tool inventory.

4. Maintain communication with community volunteers to carry out necessary tree care until the community is self-sustaining in the stewardship of their trees.

5. Gather, monitor and track data of tree plantings through GPS and site maps to comply with funding reporting and to ensure successful implementation of tree maintenance plans.

6. Participate and represent TreePeople at meetings, fundraising, marketing, membership and volunteer events as needed.



1. Strong leadership, team-building and problem-solving skills. 

2. Highly-organized, friendly, smart, proactive and a quick-learner.

3. Literate and interested in local climate resilience and environmental issues impacting communities throughout Southern California.

4. Spanish fluency highly desired.

5. Valid CA Driver’s license and clean driving record desired to perform job-related essential functions.

6. Requires frequent heavy lifting over 25 lbs., often combined with bending, twisting, or working on irregular surfaces, and occasionally requires extraordinary physical activity.

7. Available to work Tuesday through Saturday, with occasional Sundays.