Watershed Recovery Coordinator position for Sonoma County

The County Administrator's Office (CAO) is seeking a talented and experienced professional to assist with the oversight of the County's recovery efforts related to the October 2017 fires, in the areas of natural resources and watershed. This position is currently funded to January 31, 2023.

Under the leadership of the Board of Supervisors and the Director of the Office of Recovery and Resiliency Recovery, the Natural Resources/Watershed Coordinator will be dedicated to working on efforts tied to agricultural and open space lands, and the protection and resilience of the County's critical water and species resources. This position will serve with a high degree of responsibility and authority to ensure the County's Recovery and Resilience Plan is implemented efficiently, organizational and jurisdiction partners are included in recovery activity, and the community has input and timely information. The Coordinator will conduct research, community outreach, and data analysis, develop recommendations, provide input and support for the Board of Supervisors in developing the County's Recovery and Resilience Plan, and oversee plan implementation. In conjunction with the County Administrator's Community and Government Affairs Team, this position will also track State and Federal legislative activity and communication strategies related to disaster recovery and resilience, and will:

  • Work on the integration of existing plans, such as the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District's Vital Lands Initiative and the Watershed Collaborative Living in a Fire Adapted Landscape report, into the County's Recovery and Resilience Plan
  • Actively collaborate with the Sonoma County Water Agency, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District, Sonoma County Regional Parks, and UC Cooperative extension in the development of the recovery and resiliency plan
  • Seek, and incorporate, input from the Watershed Collaborative

Initially, the Coordinator will participate in the organization, input, and monitoring of State and Federal temporary programs, such as the debris removal mission under the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA Temporary Housing, and other benefits/programs made available to the community. Beyond development and implementation of the County's Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Coordinator will continue to work for the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District and Sonoma County Water Agency on recovery and resilience efforts, land management and preservation, water resource/quality management, watershed and groundwater recharge efforts, and climate adaptation and resilience.

The ideal candidate for this position will possess prior experience and success in watershed restoration, agricultural and open space land preservation, water resources management and resilience planning, and creation of a more disaster resilient environmental landscape.