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WCS Climate Adaptation Fund - 2019 RFP

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The Climate Adaptation Fund seeks projects designed to address a specific climate change and its impact on wildlife and ecosystems, while working to achieve specific adaptation objectives. As a secondary objective, we are interested to know when these ecological outcomes may carry co-benefits for human communities, particularly for projects located in and around urban areas, and projects that have joint benefits for both climate mitigation and adaptation.

The application requires all applicants to explain how their project is different from a business-as-usual approach to conservation and is in fact a climate adaptation project. Differences might be in WHAT actions you’re taking, WHY you have chosen a particular set of actions, WHERE those actions will take place, HOW MUCH of any intervention will take place, or how climate change has resulted in an increased sense of URGENCY to take certain actions over others.

A strong proposal to the Climate Adaptation Fund will feature a wildlife conservation project with the following characteristics:

  1. Designed with climate adaptation as a core goal or outcome of the work.
  2. Proposes conservation goals and actions that are grounded in the best available science.
  3. Conducts on-the-ground implementation, not research or planning.
  4. Focuses on the functionality of ecosystems, rather than conserving individual species.
  5. Designed for long-term conservation impact.
  6. Creates the potential for impact at a landscape scale.
  7. Uses strategic, targeted communications activities to amplify adaptation outcomes.

The deadline to apply is April 5, 2019

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