2015 Corporate Adaptation Survey

Aleka Seville, Colin Gannon
Posted on: 5/27/2015 - Updated on: 3/06/2020

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Rachel Gregg



Climate change presents a multitude of new risks, challenges and opportunities for corporations and communities around the globe. Successfully preparing for and adapting to the climate impacts that are already set in motion – such as sea level rise, increases in extreme heat and more frequent and intense storms – will require strategic planning and action in the near term as well as ongoing monitoring and assessment.

As our understanding of global climate risks continues to grow, private sector stakeholders are struggling to efficiently measure, monitor and prepare for climate induced shocks and stressors that threaten global economic stability. The public sector has made great strides in developing conceptual frameworks, practical guidance and actionable tools to help practitioners advance adaptation planning and initiatives. However, there is much less transparency regarding the current state of climate change risk management and adaptation planning in the private sector, which could discourage the development of best practices and stymie much needed collaboration between public and private stakeholders.

To help address this knowledge gap, Four Twenty Seven and the University of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN), with support from BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), present the 2015 Corporate Adaptation Survey. The goals of this survey are:

  • Further our collective understanding of the challenges corporations face when addressing climate change impacts
  • Highlight gaps in private sector knowledge of, and capacity to address, these impacts
  • Raise awareness about best practices and potential strategies that advance resilience building across sectors and communities

The 2015 Corporate Adaptation Survey results provide a platform to advance climate risk discussions within corporations and industry groups as well as between public and private stakeholders. These findings will be built upon in future years to improve and expand our corporate adaptation knowledge base and to encourage best practices sharing and innovation in adaptation approaches and strategies. 

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We founded Four Twenty Seven as a mission-driven business to provide innovative tools and services to organizations seeking to understand climate impacts, assess risks to their operations or their stakeholders, and increase their resilience by developing and implementing climate adaptation measures. Our team is constituted of risk analysts, climate change and adaptation experts who bring years of experience working on climate mitigation and adaptation in the energy, industry, agricultural and food sector.


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