2021 Climate Adaptation Action Plan - U.S. National Capital Planning Commission

National Capital Planning Commission
Posted on: 12/22/2021 - Updated on: 7/01/2022

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The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), an independent executive branch agency, defines and protects the federal government's interests in the development of the National Capital Region. We are guided by the National Capital Planning Act; the National Historic Preservation Act; the National Environmental Policy Act; and environmental and energy statutes, regulations, and executive orders. Through comprehensive planning, project and plan review, and special long-range planning initiatives, we protect the broad and multifaceted interests related to federal land; buildings and operations; parks and open space; and the form, character, and experience of the nation’s capital.

NCPC’s strategic goals are as follows:

  • Goal 1: Craft policies, guidelines, and plans that employ the highest standards of urban design and planning to define and advance the federal government’s interest in the National Capital Region’s long-term development
  • Goal 2: Review proposals subject to Commission approval or advice to determine whether they are consistent with the federal interest
  • Goal 3: Inform the public of its activities, encourage citizens to become involved in the planning process, and participate in broader professional discussions at local, national, and international levels
  • Goal 4: Build consensus and facilitate cooperation among citizens, public interest groups, nongovernmental organizations, and governmental agencies to shepherd plans and policies toward fruition
  • Goal 5: Embrace the best practices for the continual development of its human resources, work processes, and technology to respond to the National Capital Region’s changing planning needs

Purpose of Climate Adaptation and Resilience Planning Policy

It is important to anticipate the scope, severity, and pace of future climate change impacts on the federal government’s sites, buildings, and operations. Adaptation planning will allow NCPC to minimize the negative impacts of climate change that are already occurring in the National Capital Region and take advantage of opportunities to coordinate and respond effectively to future conditions.

NCPC does not own real property, manage fleets, fund capital projects, or have implementation authority. Our vision of success falls on our role in facilitating and encouraging other federal agencies to improve their climate resilience; and by participating in interagency efforts that advance and formalize adaptation strategies that will result in greater benefits for the National Capital Region.

The agency’s Climate Action Plan will identify how climate change may impact NCPC’s ability to achieve its mission and will prioritize actions to reflect current and future climate change risks and opportunities for adaptation. In addition to meeting the agency’s strategic goals, NCPC commits to advancing climate change adaptation and resiliency planning using the best available science and information. NCPC will also consider climate change adaptation opportunities when updating the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital (Comprehensive Plan), preparing issue, sector, and site plans, reviewing federal plans and projects, and monitoring federal capital improvements. This will facilitate protection of federal assets and investments, ensure the long-term resiliency of federal operations, and support economic vitality in the National Capital Region.

NCPC will update its agency-wide Climate Action Plan per Executive Order 14008 (E.O. 14008). The plan will incorporate the findings and directives of this policy statement and coincide with the development of the upcoming fiscal year’s work plan. The plan will align with the vision and strategic priorities identified in the agency’s annual Sustainability Report and Implementation Plan.


Climate Action Plan. October 2021. The National Capital Planning Commission. https://www.sustainability.gov/pdfs/ncpc-2021-cap.pdf

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