Adaptation Behavior in the Face of Global Climate Change: Survey Responses from Experts and Decision Makers serving the Florida Keys

Evan Flugman, Timothy Randhir
Posted on: 12/31/2010 - Updated on: 2/28/2020

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The authors conducted a survey to elicit responses from experts and decision makers serving the Florida Keys regarding vulnerability to global climate change. Study findings reveal deep concern among federal, state and local experts and decision makers about adverse impacts at the local level. A large majority of respondents recognize the increasing likelihood of dynamic, potentially irreversible, socioeconomic and ecological repercussions for the Florida Keys. However, very few experts and decision makers report that their respective agencies have developed formal adaptation plans. Respondents identify significant institutional and social barriers to adaptation and convey their support for a host of strategic measures to facilitate adaptation on an urgent basis. The implications of our findings are discussed in the context of enhancing adaptive capacity and resilience in the Florida Keys and beyond. Information generated from this study can provide functional guidance for improving decision-support systems and promoting adaptation policies.


Flugman, E., & Randhir, T. (2011). Adaptation behavior in the face of global climate change: Survey responses from experts and decision makers serving the Florida Keys. Ocean and Coastal Management, 37-44. Retrieved from CAKE:


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