Adaptation to climate change using green and blue infrastructure: A database of case studies

Aleksandra Kazmierczak and Jeremy Carter
Posted on: 8/01/2019 - Updated on: 3/19/2021

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The aim of this database of case studies is to showcase climate change adaptation approaches, with a particular emphasis on those relating to green and blue infrastructure. The database is an important deliverable of the GRaBS project. Rather than focus on the physical elements of the case studies, the database describes in detail the process that have supported the implementation of adaptation responses in a range of urban areas across the world. The case studies therefore identify and highlight key factors in different areas (e.g. governance, stakeholder relationships, science and research) that influenced the success of adaptation responses in different locations. It is hoped that the database will meet an important need in terms of progressing green and blue infrastructure adaptation responses, and will act as a valuable resource for a wide range of stakeholder communities engaged in these activities.