Adapting Vermont’s Transportation Infrastructure to the Future Impacts of Climate Change

Created: 7/24/2013 -


The purpose of this white paper is to provide an overview of climate related adaptation and resilience oriented efforts underway at the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). In recognition of the potentially negative consequences of climate change to well-being of Vermont, VTrans is in process of incorporating adaptive management, policies, and plans into every level of planning, design, operations, and maintenance.

The recommendations made in this report have ‘no-regrets’ in that they will increase the effectiveness of long-term decision making under any future climate scenario. Due to the uncertainties associated with long-term climate forecasts, it is not prudent to significantly change specific management practices, codes, and standards, and other policies based on these forecast. Rather, the Agency should focus on minimizing vulnerability to current weather norms while developing holistic analytical tools to enable planners, designers, and decision-makers to better adapt to future climate conditions.

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