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Future Climate for Africa (FCFA)
Posted on: 11/17/2023 - Updated on: 11/22/2023

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Future Climate For Africa (FCFA) is a research and development program, jointly funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), that has been enhancing scientific knowledge and prediction of African climate and piloting methods to ensure  impact on specific development problems.

The ultimate goal of FCFA is to reduce disruption and damage from climate change and to safeguard economic development and poverty eradication efforts over the long-term. In this way, FCFA aims to make new African infrastructure and urban and rural plans and investments more climate-resilient.

Future Climate for Africa has produced a mini-series podcast highlighting the aspects of climate change that are particularly relevant to Africa.


  1. How is Africa's climate changing?
  2. How climate change is impacting Africa's water availability
  3. Tackling climate change in African cities
  4. Making Africa’s agriculture more climate resilient
  5. Building climate change resilience in Africa, the story of Future Climate for Africa

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Future Climate for Africa (FCFA)

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