Bad River Reservation: Seventh Generation Climate Change Monitoring Plan

Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians
Created: 10/16/2019 -


This Seventh Generation Climate Monitoring Plan (the Plan) was developed by the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians (the Tribe) to detect potential climate change impacts to the ecosystems and natural resources found on the Bad River Indian Reservation (the Reservation). The purpose of the Plan is to monitor for what can sometimes be subtle changes associated with climate change that can occur over many years.

The Plan was developed to summarize projected climate changes and probable physical, biological, chemical, and cultural impacts on the Reservation, and to outline a monitoring approach to identify changes anticipated from climate change. In order to enable the Tribe to proactively address and adapt, the Plan incorporates monitoring for early warning signs of negative impacts of climate change, as well as benchmark dates for assessing potential climate change impacts over the long-term. The Tribe has designed the Plan to be a “living,” flexible guide to climate monitoring. This flexibility will allow the Tribe to make changes to the Plan as needed to adapt to new conditions, unforeseen events, and any advances in the state of the science on climate change that may occur over its seven-generation lifespan.



Adaptation Phase
Tribal / First Nation
Sector Addressed
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