Bay Area Climate Adaptation and Resilience: Nine County-level Snapshots - Projects, Plans, Structures and Needs

Created: 11/29/2016 -


This report, produced for the Joint Policy Committee with funding support from the Kresge Foundation, provides a snapshot of Bay Area county-level climate adaptation and resilience work. The purpose of the report is to accelerate Bay Area climate action in three ways:

  • Inspire and inform cities, counties and other stakeholders about great projects being done by their peers.
  • Help design the next generation of resources and assistance that will support and boost the actions of climate stakeholders in the region.
  • Identify the high-value topics—such as funding, governance, political support and roles—that can only be effectively addressed through joint action.

The information contained here was compiled through individual and group interviews with more than 140 climate stakeholders in the nine Bay Area counties. Key to this information gathering was a set of county-level meetings that were co-hosted by local government agencies. A list of informants is included at the back of each county summary.

Four basic questions were posed to the county stakeholders.

  1. What are the key climate adaptation/resilience projects or initiatives in your county that have the potential for significant impact if replicated across the Bay Area?
  2. What official climate planning has been conducted?
  3. What structure, if any, exists in your county for local governments and stakeholders to work together on climate action?
  4. How could a Bay Area information and assistance “hub” best help to advance your climate adaptation/resilience efforts?

This report focuses on county-level adaptation projects, structures, and needs. While there are a number of important regional-level adaptation initiatives in the Bay Area, our purpose is to dive deeply into work at the local level so we can understand how local, regional, and state adaptation efforts can eventually be integrated into a powerful and effective California adaptation movement

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