Being Prepared for Climate Change: Checklists of Potential Climate Change Risks

Created: 5/26/2021 -


Checklists have been used with great success in meetings and workshops and helped many communities to get started on conducting a risk-based climate change vulnerability assessment. These checklists are also a fantastic and simple tool for educating and communicating about climate change impacts.

When EPA’s Climate Ready Estuaries program published the Being Prepared for Climate Change workbook in 2014, checklists were included to help place-based organizations identify climate change risks. The new document includes the four checklists that originally appeared in the CRE workbook and has three new ones that were developed since the workbook was published.

  • pollution control
  • habitat
  • fish, wildlife and plants
  • recreation and public water supplies
  • human health
  • floodplain management
  • wetlands

The checklists can be printed, or progress can be saved in the electronic pdf. The risk identification checklists, the Being Prepared for Climate Change workbook, training webinars, videos, and more are available through the EPA’s risk-based climate adaptation webpage. 

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