Building Resilience Against Climate Effects: North Carolina Climate Ready Program

State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Posted on: 6/04/2019 - Updated on: 6/04/2019

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North Carolina is one of 16 states who have been funded by CDC’s Building Resilience Against Climate Effects grant since 2010. As part of the Building Resilience Against Climate Effects framework, this first Climate and Health Profile Report, builds on the Strategic Plan for Addressing Health Impacts of Climate Change in North Carolina (North Carolina Strategic Plan), describes the leading climate-related risks and their associated public health impacts in the state. This report will seek to inform which health impacts are the focus of vulnerability assessments and health burden projections by highlighting the most pressing risks and impacts.

North Carolina Building Resilience Against Climate Effects objectives:

  • Conduct vulnerability assessments that identify community and geographic areas at greatest risk from risk factors and health outcomes
  • Describe the disease burden of health impacts and risks factors associated with future climate change in North Carolina.
  • Determine effective and suitable public health interventions for climate-related risks
  • Develop and implement the North Carolina Climate and Health Adaptation plan
  • Evaluate impact and quality of activities to improve grant performance


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