Canada in a Changing Climate

Posted on: 7/08/2021 - Updated on: 10/02/2021

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Molly Johnson


The report provides a national perspective on how climate change is impacting our environment, economy and many aspects of our daily lives — and how we are adapting to these impacts. 

Key findings show that Canadian communities of all sizes are experiencing the impacts of climate change on their infrastructure, health, culture and economies, threatening Canada’s ecosystems and the vital services they provide, including access to freshwater. As these impacts will persist and intensify over time, urgent action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience to climate change through adaptation.


Vodden, K. and Cunsolo, A. (2021): Rural and Remote Communities; Chapter 3 in Canada in a Changing Climate: National Issues Report, (ed.) F.J. Warren and N. Lulham; Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.


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