Climate Action Plan: Port Townsend/Jefferson County, Washington

Port Townsend/Jefferson County
Created: 5/07/2019 -


This Climate Action Plan is a product of the Climate Action Committee (CAC), which was appointed by the Port Townsend City Council and Jefferson County Commissioners in 2007. The council and commission set a goal of reducing county-wide carbon-based emissions to 80% lower than 1990 levels by the year 2050. This document begins to address the immense challenge required to attain that goal. 

This plan will guide future efforts by the community and provide an innovative framework for the transition to a less carbon-based future. Irrespective of climate change issues, fossil fuels are a finite and costly resource and the steps taken to reduce carbon emissions will lead to a more stable, prosperous and healthy community. Implementing the plan will strengthen our economy, create local jobs, improve social equity, improve public and individual health, reduce our exposure to fluctuations in energy price and energy availability, improve air and water quality, and save money. 

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