Climate Adaptation Plan for the Navajo Nation

Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife, Gloria Tom, Carolynn Begay, Raylene Yazzie
Created: 10/16/2019 -


Impacts to the Navajo people, both directly and indirectly, won’t be seizing so it is up to the people to adapt to the future changes. This ongoing change due to the climate around us is the reason the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife (NNDFW) established the Climate Change Program and team. The purpose for the program is to spread awareness of climate change to the Navajo people. Several hours were spent visiting communities all over the reservation to present on impacts and suggested adaptive solutions for climate change. Along with presenting, the program distributed a climate change survey which community members were able to fill out at community events, schools, and chapter houses. This survey was also uploaded to the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website for easier access. Overall, the team’s main goal was to communicate with community leaders to create the Navajo Nation’s first ever adaptation plan for climate change.

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