Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan

Katelyn Friendship and Community of Aklavik
Posted on: 12/22/2015 - Updated on: 3/06/2020

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Tera Johnson



Community members from Aklavik are already experiencing climate change and this is having implications for their livelihoods. Documented changes include significant erosion and permafrost melt along the rivers and coast; changes in the timing and nature of ice freeze-up and break-up; changes in wildlife migration patterns; species decline; and an increase occurrence of abnormalities in fish and wildlife important for subsistence. Subsistence harvesting and fishing are integral parts of community life and community members rely on stable environmental conditions for safe travel and successful hunting on the land and ice. 

This document includes: (1) the Adaptation Action Plan Table, which summarizes proposed actions by sector, (2) an appendix of programs that could provide support or funding for implementation, and (3) a planning worksheet to guide the process of implementing and evaluating new adaptations. 

Affiliated Organizations

ArcticNorth Consulting was established by James Ford (PhD) and Tristan Pearce (PhD) to assist communities, businesses, and industry adapt to a changing climate. Dr. James Ford and Tristan Pearce are award winning scientists with extensive experience working with communities, governments, NGOs, and First Nations Groups across Canada and internationally on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning. Their work has been disseminated in scholarly journals, books, policy reports, and major international publications (e.g. IPCC Fourth Assessment Report).


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