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Climate Change Adaptation Planning Manual For Coastal Alaskans and Marine-Dependent Communities

Terry Johnson
Created: 4/12/2011 - Updated: 8/16/2019


Alaska is changing before our eyes. Some changes are dramatic, others subtle, some rapid and some gradual, but there is no question that our physical environment is undergoing change, much of it related to temperature, weather and climate. The exact causes of these climate-related changes are not in all cases well understood, and discussion continues about what can be done in the long term to slow and eventually halt them. While many people are working on that problem, we have an important and urgent task: deciding how to respond to change. This manuel is for extension professionals, community organizers, local planning officials, teachers, or anyone else whose task is to help individuals, families, businesses, communities, and local governments think through the meaning of climate change on the local scale, assess vulernabilities, devise strategies for improving resilience, locate tools and resources that will help, and develop and implement plans for adaptation.         

Published On

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Community / Local
Sector Addressed: 
Disaster Risk Management
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy: 
Capacity Building
Increase / Improve public awareness, education, and outreach efforts
Create stakeholder engagement processes to develop and implement adaptation strategies
Governance and Policy
Develop / implement adaptation plans
Develop / implement adaptive management strategies
Habitat/Biome Type: 
Climate Type: