Climate Change in Jackson County: An Examination of the Health Impacts of Climate Change

Jackson County Health Department
Posted on: 6/04/2019 - Updated on: 6/25/2019

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In July and August of 2017, a series of storms produced hazardous flooding conditions throughout multiple areas of Jackson County. For the safety of residents, multiple roads, highways, beaches, parks, and hiking trails were temporarily shut down. While no individual weather event can be linked directly to climate change, severe storms like those experienced in the summer of 2017 are typical of what is to be expected due to a changing climate. Weather variability will most likely continue in Jackson County with climate change increasing health risks related to ecosystems and infrastructure. Therefore, the Jackson County Health Department’s (JACOHD) Climate Change Report, identifies some of the risks, challenges to individuals, and the required responses to protect the health and wellbeing of Jackson County residents. 

JACOHD’s Climate Change Report contains information regarding the current and future risks of climate change and the potential health impacts. This information was compiled by reviewing locally issued reports and other public data. This report is intended for community members, emergency planners, local, regional, and state governments, as well as private and community-based organizations that are interested in preparing for climate-related health risks in Jackson County. 


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