Climate Change in Levelock, Alaska: Strategies for Community Health

Michael Brubaker, Greg Andrew, Shirley Andrew, Susan Flensburg, Jennifer Skarada, Richard Drake
Posted on: 2/14/2017 - Updated on: 1/16/2019

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Climate change refers to change over time due to natural variability or as a result of human activity (IPCC, 2008). Alaska is experiencing a wide range of impacts from climate change and communities seek adaptive strategies that encourage wellness and sustainability. This report documents climate change impacts as described by community residents and climate change effects or potential effects as interpreted through the lens of public health. It is the seventh report in a series describing climate change in communities across Alaska, and the third report to focus on the Bristol Bay region.

This report was prepared by ANTHC’s Center for Climate and Health in partnership with members of the advisory team. Funding was provided by the Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In-kind contributions were provided by all project partners. Information sources include the observations of local residents, reports from government agencies, and scienti c ndings gathered from published sources.