Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Results: Long Beach Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Posted on: 3/25/2020 - Updated on: 3/25/2020

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The purpose of the vulnerability assessment is to understand to what extent climate stressors will impact various assets in Long Beach in order to prioritize in the development of adaptation strategies, as well as to inform decision making for future capital investment.

This assessment analyzed the vulnerability of assets to several climate stressors: Sea level rise (SLR) and coastal flooding, riverine flooding, extreme heat, drought, and poor air quality. The SLR and Coastal Flooding assessment was done with a relatively greater level of detail compared to other stressors given the detailed modeling available, the high level of risk in Long Beach, and the level of detail needed to understand the potential impacts of sea level rise and coastal flooding. Generally, more detailed data was available on City-owned assets, so they were assessed in greater detail. However, privately-owned assets, such as buildings and energy infrastructure were assessed at a high level.

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