Climate Resilience in Ohio: A Public Health Approach to Preparedness and Planning

Ohio Public Health Resiliency Coalition (OPHCRC)
Created: 6/04/2019 -


In 2016, the Ohio Public Health Association (OPHA) formed the Ohio Public Health Resiliency Coalition (OPHCRC) to develop a document for use by local public health professionals in their efforts to address the public health impacts of climate change and climate-related weather events in their jurisdictions. The result of the OPHCRC’s work is this white paper that focuses on the risks and adverse outcomes that the communities served by Ohio’s local health departments (LHDs) are likely to face due to climate change effects. It was the Coalition’s decision to focus first on adaptation and resilience from a public health perspective and then to build upon this work and address mitigation efforts. In the context of climate change, the term “adaptation” refers to activities, programs and efforts that seek to allow societies to continue functioning in the face of continued temperature increases and fluctuations in local weather patterns.

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