Collaboration: Sea-level Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART)

County of Marin
Posted on: 10/18/2018 - Updated on: 2/28/2020

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Climate experts estimate that by 2100, sea level could rise by around 70 inches and that the frequency, intensity and flood-effects of storms will increase. People in coastal areas need to understand how sea level rise may affect their homes, schools, roads, public facilities, natural resources and habitat areas, and how to prepare for them. Collaboration: Sea-level Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) is working to develop this understanding for Marin’s ocean coast, so that together, we can prepare to meet the challenge of sea level rise.

  • About the Project C-SMART is an effort to understand potential impacts of sea level rise on Marin's ocean coast and work together with communities to prepare for a more resilient future.
  • Adaptation Planning & Report The Adaptation Report is the final Phase I deliverable of the Marin County Community Development Agency's Collaboration Sea Level Rise Marin Adaptation Response Team (C-SMART) program.
  • C-SMART Publications Learn about the Draft Marin Ocean Coast Vulnerability Assessment and Draft Adaptation Report which identify areas that may flood in the future and potential actions to address the impacts of coastal hazards.
  • Local Coastal Program The Marin County Draft Local Coastal Program (LCP) contains policies governing development in the Coastal Zone, including policies to address sea level rise.
  • Public Outreach Review presentations and summaries from public workshops, online surveys and community meetings where residents provided feedback on sea level rise planning.
  • Sea Level Rise Library View a collection of media coverage, related studies and initiatives that address sea level rise in the Bay Area and beyond.



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