Communication as an Essential Ingredient for Actionable Science

Created: 10/10/2019 -


Engaging scientists and decision-makers in the co-production of knowledge is considered a best practice for generating science that is likely to be useful and used in addressing pressing environmental challenges. Effective, ongoing communication is vital to the success of this highly collaborative research approach, from a project’s inception through dissemination of results (and beyond!). In this webinar, Dr. Meade Krosby will introduce key concepts for understanding the role of communication in the co-production of actionable science, and will offer practical strategies for integrating communication approaches across the life cycle of co-production efforts. Dr. Krosby will illustrate these concepts and strategies by highlighting innovative examples from the Northwest, describing key communication elements across the project process and presenting a wide range of co-created products – from interactive tools and trainings to community outreach materials and strategic media engagements.

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