Communities Connecting to Place: A Strategy for Eelgrass Restoration in British Columbia

Nikki Wright
Created: 10/19/2018 -


Discussions with coastal conservation groups who have mapped eelgrass beds in twenty communities in British Columbia over the last three years have culminated in the production of this document. These stewardship groups make up the B.C. Eelgrass Network, which is part of the Seagrass Conservation Working Group (SCWG), a consortium of scientists, stewardship groups, governmental agencies and researchers committed to the conservation and protection of seagrasses in B.C.

This network of eelgrass mappers and the Working Group are strategically positioned to create a different way of doing business with habitat compensation in B.C. By working with proponents of off site eelgrass compensation projects and federal and provincial agencies, coastal communities can have a more significant role in creating a net gain in fish and bird habitat in this province, with supervision and careful training by scientific advisors and with the approval of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.



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