Conservation Finance Resources

Created: 10/27/2020 -


Conservation can be broadly defined as the stewardship, protection and restoration of nature and the
environmental services on which people depend. It encompasses a diverse set of subjects including
forestry, agriculture, fresh water, open space, oceans and cities. The practice of conservation finance is
far from new. In the United States, it dates back to the 1634 creation of the Boston Common, the first
example in the English-speaking world in which a self-governing people taxed themselves to purchase
open space for the provision of public and private benefits.

This document is a compilation of existing conservation finance resources. 


Since “two-thirds” of U.S. fresh water originates on forested land, forest management, water resources and climate change go hand in hand. The Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP) is addressing the urgent issue of climate change by training climate resilient communities through its premiere training program, Climate Solutions University.


Adaptation Phase
Sector Addressed
Conservation / Restoration
Type of Adaptation Action/Strategy
Natural Resource Management / Conservation
Increase organizational capacity
Create/enhance resources and tools
Maintain adequate financial resources for adaptation
Target Climate Changes and Impacts